In today’s society we all play different roles; at home, at work, even between friends and so on. Surely one of those places where some of the more extreme roles come together is within the surroundings of a theme park. On the one hand there are the visitors having the time of their life, feeling on top of the world and on the other hand you've got the park employees, typically serving visitors with a welcoming smile.

Underneath the surface however, the mind of the park employees might be in a completely different place, even though physically they are still present within the boundaries of their attractions. This is not only true for the people working there, but also for all theme park attractions. Isolating the attraction from its players offers the opportunity to look beneath its surface, where we will also notice that the same attraction is now capable of showing its real nature by losing its intended function

This project is a study about what happens when 'amusement' is stripped from 'park', visualizing the thin line in terms of persons and objects, between their perceived role and their actual being, between the artificial and constrcuted reality.